Volunteering in South Africa

Make a Difference in South Africa

Have you ever dreamed of working with exotic animals? Traveling abroad? Meeting people from all over the world? Helping the less fortunate? 
When you choose to volunteer, you become a vital part of the movement to make the world a better place. Begin your journey today!

Volunteer Program in South Africa

ICCE is proud to partner with Good Hope Studies to offer a variety of different volunteer opportunities in South Africa and Namibia. South Africa is a country with abundant natural resources, a first-world infrastructure and spectacular scenery. It is a country of fascinating people, rich in culture and history.
At the same time, it is a country where, for poor communities, daily life can be a struggle, and animals and their habitats are sometimes endangered. Many non-governmental organizations throughout South Africa are making an important contribution by helping the poor and helping to protect animals and natural resources. Without local and international volunteers, they would not be able to deliver.
Working as a volunteer in South Africa, you can make a real difference.

About South Africa

South Africa is a nation of over 49 million people of diverse origins, cultures, languages and beliefs. South Africa is a parliamentary democracy and is in many ways a developed country, although much of its population lives in poverty. All major urban areas have modern world-class hotels and tourist facilities. Game parks also usually have good facilities. Food and water are generally safe, and a wide variety of consumer goods and pharmaceuticals are readily available. The Mediterranean climate in South Africa is mild all year round. As the seasons are reversed in the Southern hemisphere, South Africa is an especially attractive destination from November to March.

Visitors to the country always remark on how warm, friendly and welcoming South Africans are. Most people in South Africa will make you feel right at home. During your time in South Africa you can expect to learn more about yourself and others. There are lots of other volunteers from many different cultures, and you will get to learn from all of them. You will learn more about South African people, their culture, their food and their heritage. One thing that you will definitely notice is the gap between rich and poor: the difference is still vast.

About the Program

Housing is always included in your project fee. Sometimes meals are as well, depending on the project.
Flights and other travel expenses are not included in your project fee. Insurance is not included in your project fee. However, medical insurance coverage is required. Volunteers should apply at least two months before their intended start date. Project placements are subject to availability.

Participant Requirements

    • All volunteers must be 21 years or older. Some projects may have a maximum age limit.
    • All volunteers should be in good health.
    • All volunteers must submit an enrolment form with a CV and letter of motivation, copy of a valid unexpired passport, and a police clearance certificate.

Get Started

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