Become an International Intern or Trainee in the USA

You will receive hands-on experience in U.S. business practices in your chosen career field.

The J-1 Visa is a non-immigrant cultural exchange visa issued by the U.S. Department of State. The visa provides countless opportunities for international candidates looking to travel and gain experience in the United States. For over a decade, International Culture and Career Exchange (ICCE) has been dedicated to fostering better understanding and acceptance between Americans and people around the world through various cultural exchange programs.

ICCE provides university students, recent graduates and young professionals the opportunity to immerse themselves in the American business environment for a period of 1 to 18 months. As an official U.S. Department of State designated sponsor for the BridgeUSA Programs, ICCE is authorized to issue the DS-2019 Form and DS-7002 Form that are necessary for you to apply for the J-1 Visa in the Intern and Trainee categories. 

Program Purpose

These BridgeUSA Intern/Trainee programs are designed to promote cultural exchange and to provide the exchange visitors with the unique opportunity for professional development in their academic or occupational fields while exposing them to American techniques, methodologies, and expertise. Through an open exchange of ideas between the participants and their American associates, participants gain an understanding of American culture and society while Americans’ knowledge of foreign cultures and business practices are also enhanced. Upon program completion, participants will return to their home countries to share their experience with their fellow countrymen and pursue career opportunities that may not have otherwise been available to them.

The Occupational Categories that ICCE can facilitate:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Education, Social Sciences, Library Science, Counseling and Social Services
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Information Media and Communications
  • Management, Business, Commerce and Finance
  • Public Administration and Law
  • The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industrial Occupations

Our Service Includes:

  • Issuance of Forms DS-2019 & DS-7002
  • Assistance with developing a Training Plan (DS-7002, T/IPP) fulfilling U.S. Department of State program regulations
  • Program orientation and information for both you and your host organization
  • Eligibility screening of your host organization
  • Coordination of your health insurance
  • Preparation for your visa interview at the U.S. Embassy
  • Pre-departure orientation packet
  • Post arrival orientation
  • 24 hours emergency hotline
  • Program evaluation and monitoring throughout your program in the U.S.

Program Options

  • Self-arranged Placement: for prospective participants who have already found a U.S. based employer and have a Training Plan (DS-7002, T/IPP) ready
  • Full Placement: for prospective participants who need ICCE’s assistance with searching for an employer that is eligible to become a host organization and is ready to provide training in their academic or professional field.

Program Length

  • Intern Programs – Up to 12 months
  • Trainee Programs – Up to 18 months

* Tourism and hospitality programs are limited to 12 months on both Intern and Trainee Programs

Program Requirements

International Interns and Trainees must be foreign nationals:

  • Who are 18 years old or older;
  • Who are able to demonstrate recent education or work experience related to the internship or training that they are pursuing;
  • Who are able to demonstrate sufficient funding to cover their travel and living expenses;
  • Who have sufficient English skills to train in an English speaking environment;
  • Who understand the program purpose and have no intention to change their visa status while in the United States; and
  • Who agree to apply for the J-1 Visa in their home country. ICCE does not allow applicants to change status to the J-1 visa.

Interns vs. Trainees

International Interns must be foreign nationals:

  • Who are currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at a foreign degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution outside the United States; or
  • Who have graduated from such an institution no more than 12 months prior to their exchange visitor program start date.
  • Whose academic fields are in these areas: Public Administration, Law, Information Media, Communications, Management, Business, Commerce, Finance, Science, Engineering, Architecture, and Mathematics.

International Trainees must be foreign nationals:

  • Who have a degree or professional certificate from a foreign post-secondary academic institution and at least one year of prior related work experience in his or her occupational field outside the United States; or
  • Who have five years of work experience outside the United States in the occupational field in which they are seeking training.
  • Whose academic and professional fields are in these areas: Public Administration, Law, Information Media, Communications, Management, Business, Commerce, Finance, Science, Engineering, Architecture, and Mathematics.

Get Started

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