Korea WEST Safety & Health Course

Korea WEST Safety & Health Course

Safety in the U.S. 

Fires, earthquakes, active shooters and making smart decisions in dangerous or public areas

On February 4th, 2017, the Korea WEST students gathered at POLY Languages Institute in the SAG-AFTRA building in Los Angeles for their first ICCE organized seminar. The subject: Safety in the U.S. Our speaker for the day was Stormy Bruckner of Bruckner and Associates. Mr. Bruckner has 30 years of experience training and preparing the people of Los Angeles for a variety of dangerous situation, including fires, earthquakes and active shooters on site.

While the subject matter was quite serious, Mr. Bruckner kept things upbeat by calling on students to make snap decisions in hypothetical but very realistic situations. He discussed safety procedures for fires and earthquakes and what to do when faced with dangerous situations in public areas, highlighting a “run, hide, fight” flowchart of his creation. Stormy was adamant on one point in particular- in dangerous situations you must take action! Whether it means finding the quickest escape route in a fire or changing your route when being followed, everyone should be aware and take action to avoid making a dangerous situation a deadly one.

[Mr. Stormy Bruckner of Bruckner and Associates]
At the end of the interactive seminar, every student received a completion certificate. We hope that they all learned some valuable lessons that will keep them safe and sound during their program.

[ICCE Safety Class Completion Certificate]